The best way to grow your startup

Creating a successful startup is hard, but possible - if you have a great idea AND great people. TalentLyft will help you find and hire great people fast - and hassle free.

Everything you need for hiring success — all in one place:
✔ AI powered candidate sourcing 
✔ A stunning career page
✔ Automated communication with candidates
✔ Customizable interview kits


Eligibility Requirements

✔ Up to $2M in funding
✔ Up to 25 active jobs
✔ 30 or fewer employees
✔ Less than 3 years old
✔ New or non-paying customer

How much does TalentLyft for Startups Cost?

Startups are eligible for 80% off in their first year, 50% off in the second year, and 25% off in the third year.

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